It’s my birdfeeder and I’ll smile if I want to.

Everyday I sit in front of my laptop for work. I watch TV. I workout. But life is short! I need something new!

So… my newest form of entertainment is not a game console or smart TV.

It’s not a bike (although I would LOVE one of those).

I love my bird feeder!

My new go-to viewer is a $15 bird feeder we installed in our backyard.

Bird hanging on a birdfeeder. He knows that life is short.
The bird is easier to see without the screen

My first attempt was a purchase from the Dollar Tree. I figured it out pretty quickly that it was more of a bird ‘house’ than a bird feeder, so I needed to “upgrade.”

Once the bargain feeder from Amazon was up, all the birds came to eat.The birdfeeder is right outside the window where I work so I can watch the birds come and go all day. Cardinals, finches, sparrows and a mockingbird visited, and I know there will be a bluejay any minute (I’ve seen them around).

I love to watch these pretty birds fly in and out. They eat as much as they want and for the most part live in perfect harmony.

(EDIT: Ok, I am watching the birds this morning, and they do NOT live in perfect harmony. They are possessive and a lot of them are downright bullies, but they are still fun to watch! And, oh my gosh! They eat a LOT! The feeder is almost empty and I only filled it on Saturday [it’s Tuesday morning]…back to your regularly scheduled reading.)

This just makes me really happy. It really doesn’t take much.

I can drink a cup of coffee on the front porch in the mornings. We don’t even need a bird feeder in the front yard. There are robins and orioles that visit there, and I can hear a woodpecker that lives in the woods across the street.

Life is Short!

This past weekend was Mother’s Day. My family got together and had lunch. All of us. My Mom and Dad, my brother, visiting from out of town, and me and my husband and kids. Missing from the group was my very precious Mother-in-Law who stayed home, but not because she didn’t want to be there, she just wasn’t able to make it. Never take a moment you have for granted. Life is too short.

Times like these are very special. Enjoy the really sweet, simple things in life. Especially when there’s a lot to be stressed about. Stop and smell the roses, or in this case, stop and feed the birds.


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