Stressed out…You say you want a resolution!

I woke up this morning and did my workout. I grabbed my breakfast egg and cheese pita sandwich and popped it in the microwave. I ran over to the coffee machine and dropped in my eco-pod and stevia ready to get my caffeine started for the day.

It Begins…

A sad little empty coffee cup on a scuffed up wooden table top.

Problem #1: There’s no water in the Keurig. (pfft. No problem! Easy to fix. I’ll fill it up, but wait! There are dishes in the drying rack, and wait! Some of them are still dirty.)

Problem #2: Do I wash the dishes and let me egg sandwich get cold, or let them go and move on to fill my Keurig and make my coffee?

Problem #3: The stupid muffin pan won’t come clean!!! No wonder it’s still in the drying rack! No one could get this ridiculous muffin pan clean!!!

Problem #4: It’s now after 8am. I have a cold egg sandwich, no coffee, and the muffin pans will never be clean. No more muffins for this family.

Problem #5: I have literally 17, 562 things to figure out how they are going to happen today, and I’m now running late. I still have a cold egg sandwich, no coffee yet and my inner peace just flew out the window. Oh! And did I mention I was supposed to be washing some bedsheets this morning, but when I went to retrieve them…. well, that’s another story, I really don’t want to go there again.

Problem #6: The laundry is a pile of hate in the corner.

Problem #7: I’ve made it to my “office,” which is currently the couch in my living room. But, I open the internet browser, where I get my news, and I am further, and completely stressed out with what I read.

Moving on

Man in a suit with his hand between two wooden figures representing the two American political parties.

So much turmoil, sadness, fighting, and general anger around the world.

There are two very different articles that stood out to me that I believe are worth considering. One was concerning a Republican Vice Presidential hopeful stating that he would not comment in the positive or negative whether he would “accept the election results” this year. He then went on to point fingers at the Democrats for not accepting any of the election results since 2000 and that likely, either side will contest the results if it’s an “unfair election.” Ugh! This again?

Why is there even a discussion about contesting elections? When and why did we lose our faith in our government? I’m not saying some of the unease isn’t unfounded, but how did it come to this?

I digress. The other article I read was about the fact that there has been some actual bipartisan cooperation in the government that we don’t hear about. Government actually getting stuff done. Doing what they have been elected by the people to do. Why aren’t we hearing more about THIS? It’s not what’s “newsworthy?” Not what people want to hear about? Well, I do!

You say you want a resolution…

This brings me to the most positive point of my morning. I received an excellent SubStack in my Inbox. It’s always very good, but today, it came at just the right moment. To quote Annie Ridout:

Someone else losing is not your success.
Someone else succeeding is not your loss.
Play – work/life – fairly.
Keep your focus on your own game, not someone else’s.
Learn how to ‘lose’ graciously.
Learn how to ‘win’ graciously, too.

Basically, it reminded me of where my focus needs to be. Not just in my work life, but my whole life. Kindness is key. Grace is a gift. It’s going to be quite a year, 2024, and I believe the more positive we all can be, maybe the world can be be, too.


Cupcake with light blue icing and a lit sparkler on top with a quote that says "Every Day is a chance to be better."
Cupcake with sparkler on table on wooden background


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