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  • 82% Totality

    82% Totality

    Today was our second eclipse in nine years, if I’m doing my math right. I TOTALLY geeked out, like I do. I moved my office outside for the day, and it was perfect for it. It was 72 degrees, sunny, breezy and beautiful. At 1:56pm, I had my first glimpse…

  • Eclipse… INCOMING!

    Eclipse… INCOMING!

    Coming up on Monday, April 8, 2024 we are anticipating a second solar eclipse in my children’s lifetime. The last was in 2017 and they got out of school early and we all waited for the rain to clear and managed to experience the eclipse just in time as the…

  • Cocoa – How much is too much?

    Cocoa – How much is too much?

    The answer to that question is… well, I don’t know. Not yet. I had to run out to the drugstore tonight because I needed NyQuil, and on the way to the cash register I passed the chocolate aisle. Ok, there isn’t really a chocolate AISLE, per se… alright, sue me!…

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