Eclipse… INCOMING!

Coming up on Monday, April 8, 2024 we are anticipating a second solar eclipse in my children’s lifetime. The last was in 2017 and they got out of school early and we all waited for the rain to clear and managed to experience the eclipse just in time as the clouds parted and we saw the moon pass in front of the sun.


All of our eyes were safe. We had four pair of eclipse glasses to share between the four of us and my parents who came over to experience the phenomenon. AND we had Krispy Kreme ‘eclipse’ donuts, which were chocolate covered donuts made especially for the event. In the Parrish household, we celebrate anything and everything we can in everyWAY we can.

So, that said, with the 2nd eclipse coming up in my children’s lifetime on Monday, and my daughter who is NOT getting out of school early for the event… how do we celebrate?! We may not even all be together for the peak of the event.

I am distraught. Follow-up to come.


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