Flexibility at its Finest

When I graduated from college, I already had a full time job that I loved in my field of study, I was a very lucky girl. Throughout the next decade or so, I grew to be more independent, made some big steps of faith within our company and created some amazing things with a team of people I grew to love and care about like family. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I wish upon everyone in their career and work-life.

But nothing lasts forever and there are always new adventures around every corner. The next adventure for me came in the form of wedded bliss and a move South (just a little bit of culture shock that I’m still adjusting to, almost 20 years later).

While the jobs I had were good when I moved, I was always a little bit restless and wanted something different. And then (dum, dum DUM!)… the pandemic hit. 2020. If I remember correctly, and I doubt I do, we were all blindsided, and life was super crazy.

My husband spent a lot of that year in the hospital, not with COVID, but with issues with his back and the subsequent surgeries he is still struggling with. So, something had to change for all of us. At the end of 2020, I finally made the decision to step out, officially, on my own, at home, and see if I could do my own thing.

It’s now 2024. I have made some changes since 2021. I am learning new skills (WordPress, more design, and business skills), by trial and error, “YouTube-i-versity” and on-line courses. I do contract work with a great company on the regular, and would love to make some contacts to do some more small projects to grow my little empire.

From the medical field, non-profits, promotion, retail, content-writing or whatever you can throw at me, I am open to a challenge. I am serious about completing projects on-time with the highest level of excellence.

This arrangement allows me to keep family as my priority, and is still flexibility at it’s finest.


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