I Want to Fuss About Some Stuff

I’ve got a lot on my mind, friends, but I’m sure it’s not what you think.

A lot happened in the world in the last couple of weeks, but to be honest, I’ve only been marginally aware of it until just recently. I am not even going to touch that with a ten foot pole (or a hundred foot pole at this point… yowza).

Life around our house is crazy. The drama surrounding my husband’s health saga is a story for another time, when I have more information to share, but needless to say, things aren’t going great. There has been some not so great news and we have been processing a lot of it.

We have more hoops to jump through coming up, so I will same the update for then, but suffice it to say, we could use prayers for wisdom and strength. I would welcome prayers for total and complete healing for him. I believe it can happen. So, until the update, let’s go with that.

My Fuss-y Mini-Drama

Comparatively, my drama, thankfully, is much less… dramatic, however, I’m still pretty irritated/frustrated/(maybe even a little) angry about it.

I’ll give you a quick recap of the highlights. In bullet form (!):

  • I have diagnosed migraines. They were very well-controlled with medications since I started going to a new doctor in Greensboro, NC about six or so years ago.
  • I attempted to refill one of said medications recently, and I found my insurance had reduced them to a (TIER 4) drug, making them mostly uncovered.
  • My on-line pharmacy and my local pharmacy do not accept the coupon card from the manufacturer, and that means the medicine is totally out of reach financially.
  • I am 2 years migraine free, and I woke up this morning with a blistering headache. I have not been able to take my preventative medication for over six weeks.

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Yes, I have first-world problems. I 100% admit that by tomorrow I will be very thankful that this is the worst of my issues.

(Besides the fact that I have two teenage children, one of whom will be starting driver’s ed next week… I joke!… I mean, she is starting driver’s ed, but I’m joking about… oh, never mind.)

It’s just frustrating that I have a handle on something, and then… BAM!… it spirals out of control. Isn’t that just the way of things? I suppose it wouldn’t be LIFE if it wasn’t that way.

What would LIFE be if not a series of bumps in the road to recover from and celebrate?

Today, I pray for all of us that we have more celebrations that we have bumps in the road.


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