82% Totality

Today was our second eclipse in nine years, if I’m doing my math right. I TOTALLY geeked out, like I do.

I moved my office outside for the day, and it was perfect for it. It was 72 degrees, sunny, breezy and beautiful. At 1:56pm, I had my first glimpse of that little tiny bite the moon took out of the sun, and I didn’t stop looking until 4:28 when the last bit finished it’s pass to the other side.

My family, unfortunately, was not together to watch the eclipse. My daughter was still at school, so my husband went to pick her up. Unfortunately, our children took the time to view the celestial phenomenon, but were not nearly as awed as their parents. What can I say, they are teenagers. I’m thankful they wanted to look at all.

I did get to take the chance to share my son’s eclipse glasses with my neighbors and meet and talk to one of them for the first time. I was really happy I got to do that. Our neighborhood is a great group of people, and even though we have lived across the street for years and years, and waved and smiled a gazillion times, it was the first opportunity I had to actually speak to them.

So, this major event here in North America really did bring people together. It was great on so many levels. I can’t wait for the next major event to celebrate!

I’m going to try and make my next blog post, business relevant. After all, Furniture Market is coming up this weekend here in High Point!


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